Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vintage Bud Man Collectible Memorabilia

Thousands of Bud man collectibles or memorabilia have made their way into the market and have become a symbol of classical following and rich history for the many Budweiser fans. Thousands of people the world over amass valuable collectibles from their favorite brand and therefore solidify their loyalty for the brands and what the memorabilia stands for. The Budweiser name is one such symbol and with the large American following, Bud Man Collectibles are a favorite in memorabilia. Some of the easily memorable Bud Man collectibles include a host of neon signs, bottles, wall clocks, stickers, watches, dolls, steins and glasses.

Some items were released for the purpose of advertising and others as collector items. A range of collectable items from shirts to hoodies and hats from the 80s; these are some of the items people hold on to as their vintage collections. A host of Bud Man vintage shirts from the 80s and 70s are still in possession by some die hard fans; for instance there’s one shirt from the 80 which has a Budweiser gag that sold out when it came out, but can be found in some vintage collection stores.

The vintage Bud man steins are still highly sought after collectibles.

A host of items are collected each year and thousands are sold online to people who attach certain memories to them. As is the case with Bud Man collectibles, if one particular product is rare and was produced in low amounts, then it would probably be more valuable and in the same way have more sentimental value to it. Any one of the many products produced by Bud Man from shirts to signs and clocks, each type of product has some special meaning to someone and would therefore be invaluable.

Even if you’re not one of the people who had fun with the original versions of these products, you can still manage to enjoy them and make some memories of your own. Hats for instance are popular among the younger people and can be obtained easily from stores. As mentioned, when buying any of these collectibles one of the factors that determine their value is whether it was a limited edition or an open production. A limited edition would immediately be granted more value in its scarcity.

Budman stickers were everywhere in the 70's & 80's & now make inexpensive memorabilia!

Open production for particular hats, shirts and the likes will usually go on until the demand for that particular product wears off. These ones also happen to be the least expensive of their production. Conversely, if the product was only released for a short period of time then it would be harder to get due to scarcity and it would be valued higher.

"Find a huge variety of vintage Bud Man collectibles for your collection at bargain prices!"

This is pretty much the process that goes into the production of a particular type of stein. If the brewer produces it for a short time and quickly cancels the brand, whether or not it was due to unpopularity or not, it is expected that the mug will be more expensive. When it first comes out, the mug is sold at the current market prices but after some time the prices may start to fluctuate due to a number of reasons. Supply and demand will invariably affect the costs of products and its pretty much the same case here with beer mugs and all the other items produced by Bud Man.

As a popular mascot for the Budweiser beer, Bud Man Doll has experienced years of dauntless defender of quality and adoration from fans over the forty years or so it has existed. When it came out in 1969 it created a huge following of loyal fans and over the years has become of the few collectables to be integrated into the world of comedy. It was the inspiration behind the Simpson’s character Duff Man. As a popular product, this doll can be found on any one of the major retailers or auction sites on the internet or in stores and it goes for a reasonable price.

Just like the mugs and dolls, people get attached to the collectibles and resort to accumulate them in their houses for memories. This is what leads people to search and purchase older models of steins, which a lot of people may not find particularly thrilling to have. People who sell these collectables may also benefit by tracking down private collectors, who usually pay higher for these items.

Beautiful Helbros Bud Man novelty watch w/original tags.

If a scarce collectable happens to be in good condition it will of course be more valuable. This then puts more emphasis on good packaging. Some of these items were released over 30 years ago and so would obviously be worn out somewhat, if the owner used them for a while. To make sure you don’t wear out your piece you could buy two products and then put one in a special place. This way you get to enjoy it and get top save its duplicate for memories. Steins are particularly more vulnerable to getting ruined because they could easily break and more so after you get drunk.

To avoid this you could accumulate on more than one collectible and so have a lot more items to relish from the good old days. If you bought and kept the collectable in its original packaging then you’d be in a better position to benefit from it because the original packaging inspires more authenticity and value. The Bad Man Mascot has been a very popular series which can come quite big, at 10”. This one goes for $100 but then the prices tend to fluctuate due to a number of reasons.

You can get yourself any one of the poplar ones now and in the next 15 years or so you could auction it for a lot more. For the person not really interested in the business aspect of it, the items could be just a way to make sure in the future you feel innately connected to the fun you’re having currently, and be able to steal some physical memories with you into the future.

Apart from the Dauntless Defender of Quality and all the steins available, you could choose from a number of shirts, hats, belt buckles and a lot of costumes and they are all available now. Get yourself something special from the large selection of beautiful Bud man collectables you can purchase and make merry. They’re all available online.


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