Monday, December 5, 2011

Jax Beer Memorabilia

Some of the most exciting displays have at least a few JAX beer memorabilia pieces to show off. This vintage New Orleans beer has become quite the sought after name for hobbyists and hardcore collectors alike.

 The older JAX collectibles, like the Red & Black flat top cans are hard to find in super good condition. It is interesting how JAX had such a connection with the other states in the area besides it's own Louisiana, particularly Texas. This is evident on many of the memorabilia pieces found today.

Vintage 1960'S JAX Beer Metal Ashtray Pin Up Girl
JAX beer 1940's ceramic ashtray Jackson Brewery New Orleans LA 

While most beer memorabilia brands can be found on cans and signs, JAX had a lot of unique advertisements. Items such as buttons, ashtrays, serving trays, mugs, Penguin lighters and openers are highly sought after breweriana pieces today.
JAX Dumper Can
The artwork on some of these pieces is quite impressive, as was most of it on any brand on vintage pieces. Some of the risque girls on the promotions are quite collectible today. The older pieces from the 1940s are very hard to find but are still out there. Wall mounted openers and steel ashtrays from that period will last forever. It's just a matter of locating them!

Vintage 1960's JAX Beer Serving Tray
Lately there have been a lot of JAX dump cans showing up at can conventions and online auctions. For most people, this is the best that can be had with such a hard to find can. With more people getting into this type of beer can restoring, the cans don't look too bad, especially when displayed alongside your other JAX memorabilia pieces.


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